Marriage Blessings -

A beautiful blessing adds a very special element to your Thailand Wedding. Blessings can be read by the officiant or maybe a close friend or relative during or at the end of your ceremony and can really help to personalize and reflect both your feelings and your personalities.  (more…)...

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5 Great Places for a Honeymoon in Thailand -

Not only is Thailand an ideal destination for a wedding, it’s perfect for those seeking a honeymoon in an exotic locale. From beautiful beaches to mountainous retreats, the country offers an abundance of romantic settings for newlyweds. Here are 5 such places. (more…)...

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Planning the Perfect Honeymoon in Thailand -

One of the great things about taking a honeymoon in Thailand is the sheer range of destinations you can visit. Few countries in the world can lay claim to having such diverse geography. From the steamy jungles of the north to drop-dead-gorgeous beaches in the south, Thailand caters to a global audience and a myriad of tastes. (more…)...

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