Legal Marriage Registration

We want you to enjoy your special wedding day
Don’t worry about the paper work; we’ll take care of that!

Creative Events Asia specialises in the legal side of Thailand weddings. We understand that couples are quite often entering a foreign country for the first time and therefore we offer an EXPRESS, stress-free legal package that includes all transfers, an English-speaking guide and document translations and authorisations. Our package allows you to spend minimal time in Bangkok and more time relaxing and enjoying your honeymoon. We do the running around for you.

To officially register a marriage in Thailand, paperwork must be completed in Bangkok. Creative Events Asia will oversee this process by arranging all necessary appointments and documentation required, as well as providing you with an English speaking guide and transport to and from your Embassy. We provide a stress-free and efficient service, and in most cases you will only be required to spend 1 day in Bangkok visiting your Embassy. Some of our clients choose to keep their stay in Bangkok to a minimum and fly in and out on the same day while others take the time to explore the many wonders of this vibrant city. The choice is yours.

  • A visit to the appropriate Embassy(s) in Bangkok to complete an ‘affidavit to marry’. (Creative Events Asia will advise you prior to arrival as to what documentation you need to bring with you to the embassy as it differs for each nationality). This usually takes only 1-2 hours and you are then free to depart Bangkok.
  • Both parties will need to complete individual affidavits. If you have previously been married, you may also need to complete an additional form verifying your freedom to marry (Additional costs will also be involved)
  • The completed affidavits will then be translated into Thai by an authorized translation service
  • The affidavits will then need to be authorised by the Thai Foreign Ministry in Bangkok.
  • Once all documents are authorized we will send these express registered post to your Wedding Resort where we can arrange for the Local Government Official to attend your Wedding on the day and legally register your Marriage. This means that your Ceremony Date and legal Marriage date will be the same Congratulations you are now husband and wife! After your Wedding we will request that your Resort EMS post all marriage paperwork back to us in Bangkok so that we can complete final translations back into English and have everything authorized at the Thai Foreign Ministry before posting to your home address- There is no need for you to return to Bangkok for this as we can handle all the paperwork requirements while you get on with your Honeymoon.
  • For some nationalities, there may be additional paperwork and embassy requirements to fulfil. We will advise you if this is the case. A marriage will be valid under Thai law when it is officially registered with Thai authorities. A valid Thai marriage will then be recognised as a valid marriage in most other countries. If you do not properly register a marriage performed in Thailand with Thai authorities, you are not legally married either in Thailand or your home country. Please note that all Embassies and Thai Government offices are closed on week-ends and Thai public holidays. Your Embassy will also be closed on their National holiday
  • If you prefer to complete the whole legal process including the official registration of your marriage in Bangkok that’s also possible so just let us know.
We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you might have…